Why Use SYMple!

Because it’s more than a traditional e-mail account. It’s a creative, multi-functional business tool that gives organizations an opportunity to craft and deliver their marketing messages online. Why else? Because….

Contact Database

You have access to a contact database that allows you to store information on thousands of contacts and then schedule e-ads and e-mails based on that information.

E-Mail Creator

You can pen a simple e-mail and then mass distribute it to your entire contact list without being blacklisted (a.k.a. blocked like spam).

E-Ad Creator

With the SYMple editor (which functions as easily as a word processor), you can create, test and send professional e-ads. More versatile than e-mails, SYMple e-ads allow you to incorporate images, links and a range of fonts so it’s easy to engage your readers. Be creative and start from scratch or use one of the installed templates*.

Saved Content

After creating an e-mail or e-ad, you will need to save the content for scheduling. Go back to it any time to make changes or keep it for future use. When content becomes obsolete, just delete it.

Message Scheduling

You can schedule e-mails and e-ads to send immediately or even months in advance. You also have the option of setting their frequency using the static and dynamic date features.

Success Monitoring

After an e-mail or e-ad is sent, you can review its success rate using the status information.

Credit Purchases

You can purchase e-mail and e-ad credits separately as you need them**.

*Templates not available for all users.
**Credits are only valid within the calendar month for which they were purchased

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